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[Declined]Silverhawk - Nightelf Hunter 70 Empty [Declined]Silverhawk - Nightelf Hunter 70

Post by Silverha on Thu Jul 24, 2008 3:37 pm

In Real Life

In Game
Race: Nightelf
Class: Hunter

How long have you played this class?: 44 days

Are you willing to respec?:yes

How many days can you raid a week (1-7)?: 7

Do our raid days/times suit you?: yes

Professions: LW

Keys for raids and heroics: All Heroics,

Raid Experience: (pré-TBC and TBC): Kara (complete) - Gruul(complete) - Maggy(complete) - SSC(complete) - TK (complete) - Hyjal (complete) - BT - (complete) - ZA (complete) - SWP (2-6)

Have you been in a guild before? Why you left?: currently in Team Mayhem

Were you referred by someone in the guild?:Mulemage

Why do you want to join Legacy, and what do you have to offer?: Well the main reason i want to apply is because the raid time is pretty much perfect for me and also becuase you are raiding places that i have the gear requirement and experience for.
I can offer insane DPS =) and also my full dedication to support the progress of the guild.


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[Declined]Silverhawk - Nightelf Hunter 70 Empty Re: [Declined]Silverhawk - Nightelf Hunter 70

Post by Rochembac on Thu Jul 24, 2008 5:50 pm

hey m8 i will have to decline your aplication because we are full on hunters and maybe if u had a great pve gear it was ok, but u have a are a pvp hunter and we really dont need more hunters.
sorry m8
GL finding a guild
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