DKP Standings

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DKP Standings

Post by Manhazitos on Mon Nov 10, 2008 1:32 pm

Hey Legacy members,
Im making this post to tell everyone that the dkp points of everyone are going to reset for the Wrath of Lich King. This will be done on the next Wednesday.
Why are we doing this? Because there will be new players in the guild, so it would be unfair if when we reach 80 there would be players with 1k dkp and players with 0 cause they just joined the guild.

Everyone will be at 0 DKP side by side. Of course the 10 men raids (our 1st raids in lvl 80) are going to give dkp on the beggining.

*We will update the guild with more information about the dkp when we get closer to raid again on the Lich King



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