Vashj 20/08

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Vashj 20/08

Post by Manhazitos on Thu Aug 21, 2008 6:12 am

hey guild.

Yesterday we had some attempts on Vashj. In my point a view was a very positive raid, only on our 1st try we cleared P1 very well and we even go 1/4 shields down, its rly good for 1st try.
So now i sugest everyone to go watch more videos about the fight, so u think in ways how u can improve ur part of the job in that fight, and this is for everyone.
About the nagas, im pretty sure we needed more melee power, we had some melee that werent very good dpsers.
About the strider, lets maybe try with a frost mage or something, or let veni have some more shots at it cause it wasnt going very ok.. real problems there. Normally we can do with frost mage/ aff lock / ele shammy.

So keep signing up ppl, we need to keep learning this fight wipe after wipe. She will go down soon if we work on it. GJ all!


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