[Declined]Requesion to join your guild

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[Declined]Requesion to join your guild Empty [Declined]Requesion to join your guild

Post by Ohmygoddess on Thu Aug 14, 2008 9:49 pm

hi mate, thx for applying

your gear is too low for what were aiming to do:

for kara u need:
o Around 900ish Attack power
o 17-25% crit
o 2 * 2.6 speed or slower weapons (see guide for more info)
o some mele hit

for scc even higher:
o Around 1200ish Attack power
o 25-30% crit
o 2 * 80 dps or greater, 2.6 speed or slower weapons
o At least 150 hit rating, or equivalent attack power.

try aiming to get that and then reapply, by doing heroix, instances, crafted stuff, soz mate
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[Declined]Requesion to join your guild Empty Re: [Declined]Requesion to join your guild

Post by Convidad on Fri Aug 15, 2008 7:13 am

Oh c'mon guys, u accepted me with green'ish items Smile)...JOKING.
So, thx for applying Avast but your apply/gear/talent build are tottaly out of WOW.
First of all your talent build is the most unproperly for enhc shamans. With that build you are inneficient and I fully agree with ohmy (as melee dps shaman u need around 145 hit rating with full benefits from talents, thing that u dont have).
Second, let me tell you that u cant have all 3 builds at once even if your gear is splited between ele/enhc/resto. I mean c'mon, you dont need spell crit/hit, increased dmg and healing and mana restore and most of all you dont need +healing as enhc. As enhc shaman u need strength as much as u can get, because only strength triggers with your AP. U need agi as well for the +crit rating. Some other thing that are usefull for you are the haste rating, and depending on boss (if u want to play pve) items with ignore armor, resistances and so on. You really need to learn to play with these stats. Pvp items also sucks in pve but u dont even have these ones. So u can start with crafted items/heroic drops/badge items.
Regarding your apply, you dont have to be the best geared, nor the most experienced player, but you definitely need to know your class.
Ofcourse you need the answer from our class leader or one of the officers but if it matters, my answer is definitely NO...


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[Declined]Requesion to join your guild Empty Re: [Declined]Requesion to join your guild

Post by Manhazitos on Fri Aug 15, 2008 9:27 am

hey there, for start thx ohmy and thx kris, good information there and work.
So m8 i think they both said it all, we are raiding t5 content so ur gear its not suitable for us atm. and about ur spec u dont seem to know ur class that well.

Gear urself up, learn a bit more about ur class and feel free to apply later.
Cya, gl in game.

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[Declined]Requesion to join your guild Empty Re: [Declined]Requesion to join your guild

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