[Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

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[Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

Post by druid fe on Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:34 pm

In Real Life
Age: 22

In Game
Race: night elf
Class: feral druid

How long have you played this class?:over 2 years

Are you willing to respec?:prefer feral but already have base gear for balance and restoration

How many days can you raid a week (1-7)?: all days after 22.30

Do our raid days/times suit you?:y

Professions: enchanting 375 / skinning in farm

Keys for raids and heroics: all hero + kara

Raid Experience: (pré-TBC and TBC): karazhan;zul aman 5/6;gruul lair;magtheridon

Have you been in a guild before? Why you left?:at moment in a guild at darkspear server...need move for problem time in my real not possible made pve raid after 22

Were you referred by someone in the guild?:no

Why do you want to join Legacy, and what do you have to offer?:for do serious activity pve at night...i offer a serius player and a good druid tank

my e-mail is berserk.8@hotmail.it

druid fe

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Re: [Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

Post by Zerathuly on Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:40 am

Hi there Smile

as you might know already we're in a vactions period so please be patient with your application as our officers are not playing atm

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Class Leader

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Re: [Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

Post by Quieck on Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:21 am

Don't know where the idea that all the officers are on vacations came, but i'm still here Evil or Very Mad.

Anyway, you're application seems great, and we are looking for feral druids. Our times seem to fit you well cause it's about the time we start our raids. I will confirm to your mail as soon as i can get CL to look at your apply.

Being a cross-realm apply i wonder, where did you hear about us?



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Re: [Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

Post by Asart on Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:11 am

Accepted for trial period.
After your transfer to our server, just whisper fargorn/quieck or asart.
Welkome to Legacy.


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Re: [Accepted]LF serius night guid=)

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