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Post by perdes-h on Tue Jul 01, 2008 7:12 pm

In Real Life

In Game

How long have you played this class?:since i started the game since approximatly april last year

Are you willing to respec?:yes i know most specs as a hunter well ive played multiple specs and hybrid builds

How many days can you raid a week (1-7)?:as many as im needed for im a active player

Do our raid days/times suit you?:yes cuz im a late stay up hehe

Professions:currently enchanting(300) and mining

Keys for raids and heroics:all heroic keys and kara key havent got others yet but should be able to sort those

Raid Experience: (pré-TBC and TBC):kara mainly

Have you been in a guild before? Why you left?:yes, i left due to wanting to move onto 25 man raids as i enjoy raids and want to raid bigger places

Were you referred by someone in the guild?:pfire told me it was a good guild and also zumzum knows e a little and has said about the guild before

Why do you want to join Legacy?:because ive been searching and have been declined by a few other guilds and want to continue raiding which i cant do as im currently guildless also enclosed an armory link for gear checking


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Re: [Declined]application

Post by Asart on Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:04 am

Hi there,

Unfortunely i'll have to decline your application due to full hunters class in Legacy.
Feel free to re-apply again if there is a spot available for hunters. Good luck finding a suitable guild.


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