[Accepted]resto druid

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[Accepted]resto druid

Post by Neonas on Sun May 18, 2008 5:18 pm

In Real Life
Age: 22

In Game
Race: NE
Class: druid

How long have you played this class?: maybe 2 months Smile

Are you willing to respec? er.. ofc.

How many days can you raid a week (1-7)?: any and every.

Do our raid days/times suit you?:yep.

Professions: none on this toon, alch and tailor on my mage, skinning and herb on hunter

Armory Link:

my gear isnt great yet i know, will be working hard on it in the coming weeks, need alot more mana regen int and + healing.

Keys for raids and heroics: all heroics

Raid Experience: (pré-TBC and TBC): i played mage and hunter before switching to healer role after my break from WoW. on mage been to TK, ssc, za, about it..

Have you been in a guild before? Why you left?:Escaflowne has been my guild since about this time last year, i took 4 months off and have come back to find the guild pretty much disbanded so am looking for a new one, on longer play my mage or hunter, just focusing on druid.
Was in knights of columbus for a few days about 3 weeks ago, left because alot of their players are very young and spam guild chat constantly, got annoying.

Were you referred by someone in the guild?: yeah, grouped with a couple of your members in a pug instance, told me to give applying a shot.

Why do you want to join Legacy?: i want to raid, improve my skills as a healer and gear up (i'm not a natural healer player, dps is what i'm best at but i do heal ok.)


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Re: [Accepted]resto druid

Post by Quieck on Sun May 18, 2008 5:46 pm

Finally mate Razz we were having some problems posting this here..
We'll be in touch soon.

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Re: [Accepted]resto druid

Post by Asart on Sun May 18, 2008 5:51 pm

Accepted after chat ingame.
Welkome Smile


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Re: [Accepted]resto druid

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